How to create a new user on Windows Server 2003

It is ALWAYS recommended to create additional two (2) users, apart from Administrator. These two users are – another member of “Administrators” group (to avoid actually logging on with the Administrator account, but you have the same privileges) & a regular user, who is part of “Users” group. It is recommended to only log on with regular user, and use the “runas” command when you need to run any particular program as an Administrator; log on with the secondary Administrator user when it is absolutely needed. This will show you how to create a secondary Administrator.


  1. Click the Start button, then Run…
  2. Then type lusrmgr.msc
  3. In window that opens, right click in the right panel and click “New User”
  4. In the New User dialog, type in desired user name and password (secondary Administrator account).  Uncheck User must change password, & check Password never expires. Now, go to the Properties of new User; Go to the “Member of” tab and press the Add button.
  5. Then Type Administrators, and press the Check Names button (to complete the name) and press OK when it is done, then press OK on the Local Users and Groups dialog
  6. Now you have a secondary Administrator account; The above steps will be same to add a regular user (highly recommended) until the User properties.
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